Barbaric invasions were one of the most important moments in the history of Italy and Europe. These populations, who left from the Swedish island called Gotland, went gradually to South, until they met the glorious Roman Empire. From the meet and clash between these two very different cultures, Italy was born as we know it now, with its beauty and contradictions. This is the story we want to tell with our lyrics and our music. The sound of the band evolved from a folk/viking metal of the first Demo (2008) and EP “Behind The Horizon” (2010) to a more mature epic extreme metal of the full-lengths “Gloria Et Morte” (2014) and “Rise” (2023).

About the new album “Rise”


Act I

1) Foedus (Intro)
2) Roman An Cheruscan
3) The Downside
4) Insidia

Act II

5) Expectatio (Interlude)
6) Deception
7) Traitor Or Savior


8) Clades Variana (Interlude)
9) Slaughtered Centurions
10) Spiriti Nelle Tenebre
11) The Dishonor

Act IV

12) Imperium Non Obliviscitur (Interlude)
13) Ballata Del Tradimento
14) The Same Blood
15) Visurgis

Act V

16) Invictus (Interlude)
17) Rise

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Members and Guests

Irmin (Growl and Scream Vocals)
EG Orkan (Guitars)
Insanus (Guitars)
Var (Bass)
Hoskuld (Drums)
Gabriele “Hyde” Gilodi (Orchestrations)

Manuel Visconti (Guest Growl and Scream Vocals on tracks 4, 9 and 11; Clean Vocals and Choirs)
Davide Cicalese (Guest Growl Vocals on track 15)
Kyrah Aylin (Guest Clean Vocals on track 13)

Zilath Mekhlum (Guest Growl and Scream Vocals on track 14)
Haiwas (Guest Growl and Scream Vocals on track 3)
Luciano Caratto (Narration)

All the songs were composed, written, arranged and produced by Gotland
All the songs were recorded, mixed and mastered by Francesco Priolo at ViP Studio in Turin (Italy)
Artwork designed by Alessandro Alimonti


From Rise

feat. Davide Cicalese (Furor Gallico)

Lyric Video

Roman and Cheruscan
Lyric Video

The Downside
feat. Haiwas (Veratrum – Voland)

Live Videos


Tenebrae in Urbe
Live @ Italic Pagan Fest ft.  Haruspex (Selvans)

From the Past

Slaves ov the Empire
Gloria et Morte – Official Video

Courage to Die
Gloria et Morte – Lyric Video

Past discography

Gloria et Morte

Behind the Horizon


“Gloria et Morte” reviews

Live Activity


  • Fosch Fest
  • Gods of Folk
  • Italic Pagan Fest
  • Cult of Parthenope Black Metal Fest
  • Malpaga Folk & Metal fest
  • Èresia Metal Fest

Opening act for

  • Eluveitie
  • Abbath
  • Heidevolk
  • Ancient
  • Mael Mórdha
  • Vroudenspil
  • Cruachan
  • Kalevala
  • Necrodeath
  • Stormlord
  • Folkstone
  • Selvans
  • Ancient bards
  • Furor Gallico
  • Atavicus
  • Voltumna

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